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Our Services
Sit back and relax and let us take care of the doody work.

We offer residential and commercial pet waste removal services for the Des Moines and surrounding areas. With our service, you can easily set-it up and then never worry about your yard (waste) again, giving your (furry) family the assurance of clean yard for playtime - year-round.

What We

Residential Weekly Services

Each week, we'll "walk" your yard, looking for all "doody", scoop up it up and bag all that is found. We then take all the waste with us, eliminating all work for you.


Our prices are based on the number of pets in your yard:

  • 1 dog | $53/month, which is just $12.23 a week.

  • 2 dogs | $65/month, which is just $15.00 a week.

  • 3 dogs | $70/month, which is just $16.15 a week.

  • 4 dogs | $75/month, which is just $17.31 a week.

  • 5 dogs or more? We absolutely can help, but we'd love to chat with you.

Weekly Litter Removal Service (cats only)

We do offer services for weekly cat litter clean-up. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs, so we can determine if this is something we can assist you with. 

Residential or Commercial
1-Time Clean-up

If weekly isn't want you are looking for, we do offer a one-time clean-up service as an option.


Our rates for this service is based on a free quote. As each yard is different – in both size and "doody" amounts – we feel the only way to offer a fair price is through a free, onsite estimate.


Simply contact us, and we'll work with you to set-up a date and time for the estimate to be conducted.

Commercial Services

Are you responsible for commercial or residential properties with dogs? We do offer our services to all apartment complexes, condominiums and Home Owners Associations.


As these spaces (and your needs) are so customized, we would love to meet with you to discuss and understand your needs - as well as your property size. Please just contact us to schedule a free consultation.

American small business is not what this is. It’s a franchise rented by local people. Meaning when you contact customer service you get exactly what an entitled company gives. A bunch of dog doodoo. Just trust me skip this one and move on to the little man. The small mom pop shops. That’s what I did. They are next on the list, no joke, it was like speaking to the lady next door. Empathetic, full of personality and told me she’d be there to handle things first thing in the morning. We then communicated further details via text, a very personal touch and she actually sounds like she knows something about dogs. Very wholesome. It was nice after days of dealing with a half-done dung job, this monotone company left me with. Your more then welcome to view my full review on the out going company's review list. It will be the company that paid a little extra to push down the little man.

Ms. Acero

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