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Our Policies & Common FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about our services and policies.

How do you handle billing?

We have an online billing system that will automatically bill and charge your card monthly. We also provide you access to an online portal, where you are able to access your bills at anytime. Payments are made online via our automated system with a credit card.

Is there a contract for me to sign?

We have a Terms of Services agreement that you will be sent via our software platform (SweepAndGo). This discusses our policies - and helps to create awareness (i.e. weather policy, if you're on vacation, etc). To discontinue service, please just contact us in writing.

Does excessive weather (heat, cold, snow, rain, etc) warnings impact our service days?

It may. If there are excessive heat/cold warnings, your service may be delayed. We will monitor and base our decisions based upon weather advisories from the national weather service.

A rule of thumb would be anything over 100 (heat index) or below 0, which may cause health injuries and emergencies to our staff. Our employee safety is our number one priority.

We offer 100% guarantees on our work, but in order for us to do our best work, there are times when we can't offer a guarantee. 

Long grass, leaves, snow, ice, etc. inhibits us from seeing waste, causing us to miss some. To ensure that we are doing our best work for you, please try to have the yard mowed or leaves picked up before your assigned pick-up day. Too busy to mow (or pick up leaves) before we come? It is not a problem, just know that we can't offer the 100% guarantee, but we will always do our best! 

As for snow, we know you can't scoop the yard. If it snows more than a dusting prior to your scheduled service day, we may delay your service until the following week as the waste is covered by snow. We'll be back the following schedule service day to pick-up the waste from the previous two weeks. Because the waste is picked up from the missed service day, the day is still chargeable.

You missed some piles! Now what?

PSP guarantees our work, 100%. We pride ourselves on our work. However, please understand that we are human. If you notice any missed piles, please give us a call and we will re-clean your yard within 48 hours.

Do you clean yards all year? 

Yep, we do! Dogs keep using the bathroom all year-round. So, our company keeps seeing to you & your pets needs through the winter. Some customers prefer to put their service on hold through winter, although there will be an extra service charge for the first time clean-up in the spring. As for the weather, we work through most of it. If it is very cold, icy, a lot of snow, or heavy rain, we will be delayed until the following week. Because the waste is still there for pickup, the weekly fee will still apply. 

If I am on vacation, do I still have to pay for the service?

No. If your pet is not going to be in the yard, please let us know and we will suspend service at no cost. If you do not let us know prior to our arrival, we will have to charge due to our trip to your home. 

​What happens if my backyard is not accessable?

Yes. We're a small family team, so we do not have staff that can take over routes. This keeps our rates the lowest in the Des Moines area. Our team takes 2 weeks of vacation annually and you will be notified prior to the date. Because the waste is still in the yard, the fee does still remain during these two weeks. (This is similar to at home baby sitters policy)

If I do not mow weekly, or rake the leaves, is this a problem?

Yes and no. We will still clean your yard to the best of our ability, but we can not honor the 100% guarantee, as the long grass and leaves may cover the doody.

It snowed, there is ice and/or is dangerously cold (below zero wind chills, etc.), how do you manage our yard through the winter?

Winter's in Iowa are long, cold, icy and snowy. When it snows, the waste is covered and we can't see it to pick it up and this directly impacts your service. Depending on how much snow or ice we received, your service will likely be delayed a week. As the snow and/or ice begins to melt and/or waste is on top of the snow, we will clean up what we see. We will not, however, "chip" or attempt to find waste in the snow or ice. This breaks up the waste into pieces, which can then get on your pets feet and then, subsequently brought into your house, which is unsanitary. We will always do our best to pickup what we can see - and as the snow/ice melts, we will pick up the remainder. 

In regards to cold, our teams spend 8 hours a day outside. When the temp and/or wind chills hit dangerously low colds, our teams will not service your yard, and your service will be delayed a week. There are times, weather dependent, that we may adjust your route day. As it's IA, it's hard to predict and give you more concrete answers. Our team's health & well-being is priority.

In both of these circumstances, your weekly charge still applies as the waste is picked up. Our recommendation for those who are uncomfortable with this policy is to place your service on hold over the winter. A one-time clean-up fee will apply to restart your service.

Do you offer spring clean-ups?

We do - and we offer this on a first come, first serve basis. As our clients are scheduled Monday - Friday - we usually do spring clean-ups on Saturday's and Sunday's as long as demand dictates. We will arrange for we provide a free estimate, as the price will vary based on each yard (i.e. how many dogs, when did you last clean it, etc.). Once we provide a price, you are free to accept or decline the offer and we can typically clean your yard at that time. As a note, payment is due at the time of service.  Please note - we may advise you to wait if you have any snow or ice in the yard, so that we can ensure your yard is fully cleaned. We want to make sure all of the waste can be seen & picked up - and that you are happy with your service.  

What do you do with the dog poop? Do you take it with you?

Our belief is that we eliminate all the work for you, which includes taking all "doody" with us, eliminating the need for you to dispose of it. 

Do you offer bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service, as the waste will continue to accumulate causing longer clean-up times, which makes our job much more difficult.

Do you charge a fee for the initial visit? How is the price calculated?

We do charge an initial fee for the start of service. The fee is dependent upon the amount of waste that has accumulated in the yard and the size of the yard. We offer free estimates to ensure that you know the final fee prior to cleaning your yard.

Why is important to clean up dog waste? Isn't good fertilizer?

First, dog "doody" is NOT a fertilizer and takes over a year to fully breakdown. Dog poop is also hazardous, as parasites, including (but not limited to) roundworm and hookworm, can be found in infected dog poop. A single gram of dog waste can contain over 20 million fecal coli form bacteria, glardia and salmonella.

To ensure the safety of our clients and their pets, we change waste bags at each clients home, clean all of our tools and sanitize our shoes with a disinfectant.

What days will you be coming to my yard?

Your clean-up day will be assigned upon your signing up for our service. The day of clean-up is based upon where your home is located and which route you will be placed on.

Do I have the option of changing my service day?

I am sorry, we can not offer this option. We are usually only in the area on specific days and therefore can not change the days. If you do need for us to come on a special day for a special occurrence, we should be able to accommodate this request (Wedding, Graduation Party, etc.). Please just contact with a special request and we are more than happy to try and accommodate your needs.

If I have a 'scary' dog, will you still scoop my yard?

If you know that your dog is not good with strangers, we ask that you confine or restrain the dog. In most cases, however, we get along well with all dogs and is actually a perk to play with our doggie clients!

Do you cover both the front and back yards?

Yes, however the price may increase. If the dog uses both areas, we will clean both, however we would need to do a free assessment to determine the price. As most customers only use the back yard for their furry kids, we do not clean the front yard unless you let us know. Also, if your dog(s) use certain areas, if you can let us know, we are better able to focus on these spots.

Why are one-time cleaning service charges higher priced?

This is due to the fact that one-time clean-ups are usually very dirty yards. We price according to the amount of waste in the yard, which directly impacts the amount of time spent in a yard. Many times, yards haven't been cleaned for months.

Are locked gates a problem?

No. We just ask that you provide us the key or combination to the lock.

Do you charge a fee for the initial visit? How is the price calculated?

Please feel free to send an e-mail to with all concerns or comments. I am also available by phone at 515.480.7453. Our clients happiness and needs are #1.

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